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Flight 172 April Meeting

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Next meeting Tuesday May 16, 2017 at 7:00pm in the Kincardine Airport Terminal Building.

Take Flight for Hope Air

New Airplane in Kincardine

Congratulations to Rod who sold his Cessna 150 and moved up to this great looking straight-tailed Cessna 172.

2017 Hanover Saugeen Rust Remover

Brampton Maintenance Open House

Preserving Public Use Airports

Kalamazoo Air Zoo Trip

Last year, Pat and Michelle flew to the Air Zoo Museum in Kalamzoo Michigan.  EAPIS was filed the night before to go direct to KPHN.  However, the morning of our depature, there were multiple MIFR conditions around Detroit, and were not forecast until the afternoon.  So we flew to St Clair County KPHN Port Huron and cleared customs there around 10 am.  By then, the weather around Detroit had improved so we were able to continue on to Kalamzoo arriving at noon.


We parked at the Air Museum East Campus.  The Museum is very welcoming to fly-in guests.  Duncan Aviation sent the fuel truck and gave us a 11% discount because we were going to the Museum.  Fuel was $1.44 per litre after the exchange to Canadian dollars.


The East Campus houses some of the larger exhibits and the restoration shop.  Restoration is in progress of a General Motors/Eastern Aircraft Division FM-2 "Wildcat" fighter that was sat on the bottom of Lake Michigan for 68 years.  Outside, two vintage aircraft were flying passengers, including an old bi-plane.


A short walk away is the main Museum.  All the aircraft are in pristine shape.  There are several rides for younger children.  We tried shooting other aircraft in a full-motion Goodyear FG-1D simulator.  There were some interesting exhibits on the development of modern technology.  We had lunch at the museum cafe which was good and inexpensive.


We left when the museum closed at 5pm and flew direct to Kincardine with a CANPASS customs clearance.

The museum was an excellent place to visit.  If required, there are several hotels adjacent to the airport.  For a more thorough review of the Air Zoo with great pictures read Photographic Logbook.

Aircraft Buying and Owning Seminar

Small Aircraft Commercial Passenger Safety

Answer Question 31

The CFS entry for Kincardine shows that runway 31 requires a right hand circuit.  The preferred entry point is B, the "upwind" side of runway 31.
If there is no conflict with any other traffic, the pilot may enter at G, straight into the downwing leg of runway 31.

Thanks for reading the questions and answers.  If you want a record of this review, print out the questionnaire, write your answers, sign and date the paper, and keep a copy.



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